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2022 -2023+

Digital Storyteller Coach & Consultant

Workshops & 1:1 coaching, so you personally get to master your favorite e-commerce & online communication skills, where needed!Website:

2013 -2022

Digital Storyteller Consultant

Monthly support & development services helping creative storytellers to convey their story online with WordPress, Google, Email Marketing and Social Media.Company:

2009 – 2013

WordPress Developer & Strategist

Creating Cross-platform communication platforms for creative storytellers. Build exclusively with WordPress – optimized intensively for Google.Company:

2007 – 2011

Certified Google Adwords Professional

Increasing qualified site traffic while lowering AdWords costs. With sharp focus on actionable data reports, conversion tracking & continuos website optimizing.Company:

2000 – 2004

Concept Developer, Sound Designer, Programmer

Developing and delivering innovative and interactive cross-media entertainment and educational concepts for kids and youngsters.Company:

1998 – 2000

Web Developer & Shockwave Programmer

Web development, focusing on web templates with Interactive Game Content for e-learning & e-commerce.Company: Solució

1995 – 1996

Sound Designer & Jingle maker

Sound design, Jingle Composition & Digital sound editing at DR Technique & Design.Company:


1997 – 1999

Multimedia Design & Communication

Learning Computer Science, Design Technology, IT Technology, Production Technology and Project Management..School: KEA – Copenhagen School of Design & Technology

1993 – 1994

Audio Production & Sound Engineering

Learning the practical skills and creative techniques required to record, mix, produce and master digital music..School: Nøddeknækkeren

1988 – 1991

Music Composition & Orchestrating

Learning to compose, arrange, and orchestrate effective dramatic music for visual media, including film, television, and interactive media.School: Aarhus University


2013 – 2015

Palma De Mallorca – The laid back capital

What started as a typical charter trip to Mallorca ended up with close to 2 years of exploring this hub of activity in the iberic islands. Unlike many tourist destinations in Mallorca, the capital has still managed to keep that laid back feeling of real latin life style. Palma’s intense and long history, coastal location and mild weather all year round mean that there are plenty of diversity, art, culture and cozy street corners worth exploring. Palma seems to have it all – and I strongly concider this traditionally sophisticated city as my final retirement destination 🙂.

Country: Spain

2009 – 2011

Lisbon – The city of the seven hills

Since I falled in love with a fado singer some 30 years ago, I have been walking up and down the seven hills of charming Lisbon ever since. That means a lot of work for my calf muscles, but also some captivating views to make up for it! If you feel like traveling back in time and/or simply want a complete “digital detox” give beatiful Lisbon a visit, – I simply can not recommend this city and its beatiful people enough!Country: Portugal

1998 – 2000

Antigua – Red is the colour

Here, in the calm beauty of Antigua, the old capital, I learned my first Spanish. You can climb the Pacaya volcano to find red lava spewing slowly and silently – it’s like the world slowly turning itself inside out and everything is red!

Country: Guatemala

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