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Rock Your Day Company wants to sell clothes designed with Artificial Intelligence and sold with Print On Demand.

Life coach Anja Nøddebo invites you to join her online universe of videos to make you feel good in body and soul.

Professor Niels Johannesen offers you a curated selection of economic articles & papers about our global economy

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October 2023

Storyfly projects

Your Attractive Heading

32 speakers are installed below the city square of Frederiksberg, creating a unique musical platform right under our feet.

Your Attractive Heading

Your Attractive Heading

Your Attractive Heading

Niels Johannesen Something good is flying soon

Your Attractive Heading

Meet the pakistani multidisciplinary artist, stylist, musician, performer Adam Shazard. The expression is a mixture of german expressionism and islamic folklore.

Your Attractive Heading

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